Client Testimonials

"I absolutely adore my sweet girl, Isabella!  She follows me everywhere and couldn't be more affectionate. She has so much personality, loves to play and is, of course, Gorgeous!!!"

Marie from St. Charles, Missouri




"Jacqueline & UltimateXotics helped fill the cat shaped hole I had in my heart by blessing me with Angus. He is the most loving and gentle cat, who goes with the flow and gives kisses and headbutts galore! He gets along perfectly with our other Savannah & miniature dachshund - playing and cuddling. Jacqueline eased my mind by answering every question I ever had & prepared me for life as a Savannah cat mom; I couldn't have asked for a better breeder to learn from! Angus is healthy, caring and a friend. We love him SO much!"

Erica from Prairieville, Louisiana




"Mimi is my little sweetheart!  She always has to have her leg sticking out, silly girl!  Thank you."

Kelly from Brighton, Colorado



"Ella and Kenya were buddies at UltimateXotics. We adopted Ella and a year later we adopted Kenya. They are the most amazing kitties. They are absolutely beautiful as well as super sweet and fun loving!  Jacqueline is wonderful to work with. She truly loves all her cats and puts all her heart into this Cattery!"

Sheila from Northern California




     "I can't thank UltimateXotics enough for providing my family with such a fabulous Bengal. Jacqueline was a pleasure to work with and made sure everything went smoothly with the transaction and transport of Dubai via air travel. Dubai has been such a great addition to our family. He and my daughter are inseparable and he's great pals with our dog as well. He's got a fantastic personality and is always entertaining us with fun in house antics!"

Todd & Gretchen from Dallas, Texas