Welcome to UltimateXotics.

Home of the finest Savannah and Bengal Cats.

A little bit about our company...

UltimateXotics is a TICA registered home based cattery located in Southeastern Texas, near Houston, that specializes in very exotic Savannah and Bengal cats.

The goal of our breeding program is to produce exquisitely beautiful, healthy and very exotic looking kittens with the most amazing, loving, and gentle personalities. We concentrate on quality as opposed to quantity. We want our kittens to be strong, vibrant, intelligent, and affectionate. Since we are a family owned business, each of us devotes our time and heart in assisting to raise and nurture these beautiful creatures. We spend several hours a day playing with, socializing, feeding, caring for and giving special attention to each and everyone one of our cats and kittens. We are a hands on cattery. We personally handle each of our kittens from the moment they are born until the day they go to their forever homes. If you have always dreamed of having a pet that looked like it came straight out of the jungle, but were afraid that it might be too much to handle…well, look no further. We have the solution for you. Come experience this luxurious, loyal and stunning breed for yourself. You will find that you have found the Ultimate Companion for life.