Our Available Bengal Kittens

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Gorgeous F2 Bengal Kittens  - ALL SOLD 
Dam: Urban Safari Juliet (F1 Bengal)
Sire: Abambu
Prince Charming
Bengal x Bengal breeding


Introducing... IMANI

Born: June 11, 2012
Ready to go: August 27, 2012


(SOLD to Kelly in San Diego, California) 

 Female kitten




Introducing... KENYA

Born: June 11, 2012
Ready to go: NOW


(SOLD to Sheila in California)




Introducing... DUBAI

Born: June 11, 2012
Ready to go: August 27, 2012

Male kitten

(SOLD to Todd & Gretchen in Dallas, TX)






Introducing....MYKONOS - Dark Golden Male 

(SOLD as a high quality Show kitten to Nick)

                             Mykonos has a stunning rich golden base coat and the largest inky black spots you will ever see!  He is the largest kitten of the litter and will be very large and muscular like his Daddy when he grows up. His sweetness will make your heart melt.  



Stunning Golden Rosetted Bengal Kittens
Dam: Abambu  Cinderella
           SireAbambu  Prince Charming

Bengal x Bengal breeding

Born: September 7, 2011        Ready to go: ALL SOLD

             Introducing... GALILEO


(SOLD to Bobby & Kelli in La Porte, Texas)  

  Click here to see a video of Galileo



   Introducing... PICASSO


(SOLD to Lisa in Spring, Texas) 


Click here to see a video of Picasso




Introducing... MICHAELANGELO

 (SOLD to Johnny & Ericka in Magnolia, Texas) 

Click here to see a video of Michaelangelo



Introducing... CLEOPATRA


  (SOLD to Leigh in Palm Desert, California)   

                  Introducing... MONA LISA


(SOLD to Rich & Georgina in Midland, Texas) 

Click here to see a video of Mona Lisa


   Introducing...VENUS DE MILO


 (SOLD to Sally & Drew in Norman, Oklahoma)   


        Gorgeous F2 Bengal Kittens Available 
       Dam: Urban Safari Juliet (F1 Bengal)
              Sire: Abambu Prince Charming
              Bengal x Bengal breeding

Click here to see a video of Juliet and her beautiful new babies!


Introducing... BERNADETTE

Born July 7, 2011

(SOLD to Sarah in Wisconsin)

Dark Golden Female - Pet pricing $2,500 (Please inquire for breeder pricing)



Introducing... MICHEL

Born July 7, 2011
      (SOLD to Eric in Laguna Beach, California) 

Dark Golden Male 





Photos above by Helmi Flick Cat Photography



Introducing... SOLEIL

Born July 7, 2011

 (SOLD to Kathy in Colorado)  

Light Golden Female - Pet pricing $2,500 (Please inquire for breeder pricing)








Here are the Parents
              Prince Charming - Our gorgeously glittered big Bengal boy with a silky, rich golden coat and HUGE well-defined rosettes
              Juliet - Our stunningly beautiful F1 Bengal Queen has a luxuriously soft dark golden coat, very exotic Asian Leopard markings and features with the sweetest personality in the world



          Previous Kitten from Juliet & Prince Charming
                   UltimateXotics Julianna - F2 Bengal Female
       (SOLD to Eric & Janet in Laguna Beach, California)
              See Julianna in action! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pEa9WOwsIc
                                                   Julianna is the one of the sweetest, most playful kittens we have ever had! First of all, her markings are stunning and her exotic looks draw constant attention wherever she goes. She is highly intelligent and learns new tricks very quickly. She's either running around looking to see what she can get into or she's laying in your arms melting your heart! We just love her to pieces. Congratulations Eric & Janet on your beautiful new baby!
                      Born March 25, 2011 - 1 kitten available - Gorgeous boy!
               Rich golden colors with huge black spots and some have already rosetted! These babies are really big and have luxuriously soft coats. Mama and babies are all doing well.
              Ready to goNOW
              Please see parents of these kittens below
              Click here to see these beautiful kittens in action!
         Introducing....VASSILISSA - Light Golden Female

            (SOLD to Abambu Cattery as a future queen!)

                                                            Vassilissa has a clear light golden base coat and huge well-defined rosettes at only 10 days old. She is only going to become more beautiful as time goes on. She is just as cuddly and sweet as pie.
                             Introducing....ANDROMEDA - Dark Golden Female

              (SOLD to Kelly in Brighton, Colorado) 


Photos above courtesy of Kelly Hargadin